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The vast swathes of empty golden sands and the biggest skyscape in Caithness will take your breath away no matter what time of year you visit.

Distance from Mey House: 5 Miles
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I’ve lost count of the number of times we have been to this amazing beach and every time we go we experience something different. I always make sure I carry my camera as the place just exudes atmosphere; in fact, the place is so charismatic that even Sally-Ann can be guaranteed to reach for the camera whenever she visits!

What always grabs us about Dunnet Bay is the space. The beach is over two miles long and is golden sand the whole way. Huge waves, miles wide, roll in off the ocean creating white foaming surf that is fun for the kids in the summer, perfect for surfers in Spring and Autumn and vast and threatening after a winter storm. The sky too is just as panoramic with nothing to interrupt the relationship between it, the land and the ocean making for an ever-changing vista.

In January 2013 (when these photos were taken) we went to the beach to blow the cobwebs away after New Year’s Eve. The beach wasn’t deserted but we had enough space to be alone but equally enough people around to stop and chat if we wanted that too (bearing in mind that at that point in time we were not living here and our bright red waterproof coats screamed ‘tourists’, we chatted with passing locals; a guy who was flying a model Spitfire, two girls riding ponies along the beach and a rather bedraggled man still suffering the effects of the night before walking a very enthusiastic dog).

The afternoon was amazing and a photographer’s delight. The sun, which never gets very high in the sky at that time of year, seemed to be in a permanent twilight which when combined with the fast moving clouds made for dramatic skies.
When the rain showers came Sal and I sat open mouthed watching a succession of rainbows form and then disband and what was most amazing was that you could see the whole rainbow, not just part of it. I am disappointed to report however that there is no pot of gold at either end …

Dunnet-Beach-2-(D)-MOD Dunnet-Beach-(D)-MOD

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Make good use of the facilities at the nearby Sea Drift Centre but beware, these are only open May to October! If you are walking the beach in the winter, make sure you have a decent set of waterproofs as it may be dry when you start your walk but should it rain when you are half way along the beach you will get VERY wet!

GREAT FOR: Sky, sea and surf no matter what time of year!

RECOMMENDATION: If you don’t want to clamber over sand dunes and wade through a stream, avoid the car park located half way along the beach between the Sea Drift centre and Castletown.

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