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A hidden gem only accessible for those that seek it out!

Distance from Mey House: 7 Miles
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There is no doubt that the western side of the far north has some fabulous beaches; Coldbackie, Sango Sands and Balnakiel to name but three. However, Caithness too has some wonderful spots but you just have to know where to look.

Hidden away on the western shore of Dunnet Head is a small track that heads overland from Dwarwick pier. Don’t expect a gravel footpath or hand rails on this trek, this is an authentic old fashioned hill walk that follows rabbit runs along exposed cliff edges and empty moorland. If you are able, visit the Seadrift Centre at Dunnet Bay prior to setting off to familiarise yourself with what you might see or if this is not possible, educate yourself on the flora and fauna by reading the highlighted edits on the visitor information board at the start of the path before you push on up the hill.

Pass through the kissing gate and keep to the path which will lead you up and over the first part of the headland and then along the cliff. If you dare, venture toward the cliff edge to see the birdlife nesting on the rock face but do beware, the updraft from the strong winds can lift the unwary off their feet!

No more than half a mile from the top of the headland you will find the secluded beach that is Peedie Sands (Peedie is old Norse for ‘small’). You can get down onto the white sands by venturing to the far end of the beach and clambering down over some well-worn boulders though some care is needed. Once there, kick off your shoes, roll up your trousers and enjoy the peace and tranquillity.

We first visited in late May when the heather was turning green and the wild flowers were just starting to bloom which, when combined with the white sands and turquoise waters of Dunnet Bay  made for a picture postcard vista. We wandered the beach, took loads of photographs and then laid back on some of the large flat rocks that line the shore and dozed for an hour. During all that time, we were totally alone.

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WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The walk to Peedie Sands is not suitable for those with limited mobility. You can continue on along the path from the beach to Dunnet Head which will give you fantastic views of the rugged coastline but beware, it is about a 3 mile walk across some uneven and undulating terrain.

GREAT FOR: Sky, sea and solitude no matter what time of year!

RECOMMENDATION: Take a picnic.

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