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From April to September, watch the sun set across the Pentland Firth from Mey House.

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I know it may sound a little daft but prior to buying Mey House, neither of us had considered that it would have such a commanding view of the setting sun. We took up residence in July 2013 and after a frantic day of unloading the removal truck, we sat exhausted on the sofa to celebrate with a glass of wine wherein we were treated to a sensational display of vibrant colour and dancing light as a huge fireball of a sun sank slowly to the horizon. We were speechless.

Picking the ideal location to witness the setting sun depends on your preference! The most commanding views are from Dunnet Head where no matter what time of year you will be offered a stunning panoramic view of the sea, sky and landscape though you will rarely find yourself alone up there (the picture of the lighthouse was taken from Dunnet Head).

If you prefer a little more seclusion we suggest you head off on foot from Mey House to the nearby shore which wraps around the grounds of The Castle of Mey. Here you will almost certainly be alone – except that is for the plethora of seals and birdlife that populate the secluded bay. Take a chilled bottle of wine with you and make an evening of it; it is quite a special place (the picture of the Land Rover was taken from the Castle shore).

Our final suggestion is to remain at Mey House and either watch the display from the guest area or retire to your bedroom, snuggle up under the goose down duvet and watch the sun slip below the horizon from the comfort of your own bed. Fabulous!

I have taken so many photographs of the setting sun from the garden at Mey House that it was difficult to choose which one to show. So, I have picked my favourite to be the last one of the selection but many more are available to be viewed on our Pinterest page.

Land-Rover-at-Sunset-(D)-MOD 6th-July-(2)-2014-(D)-MOD

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Sunsets are spectacular at any time of year but as the days lengthen, the sunsets linger for longer. At the height of summer the sun doesn’t set until past ten and the skylight display will continue for at least another hour beyond that so don’t expect an early bedtime.

GREAT FOR: Some of the best sunsets you will ever see anywhere in the world.

RECOMMENDATION: We highly recommend taking an early supper to free up your time to view the spectacle as none of the restaurants in the area offer a view.

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