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This web page is entitled ‘News & Offers’ and there is no greater news than that of the current global crisis with Covid-19. We recognise this is a challenging, even devastating, time for many across the world, including ourselves and our hearts go out to all affected.

Obviously when one adheres to government and country guidelines and self-isolates or observes social distancing, then new ways must be found to live, communicate and find the brighter spots of life.

For our part, we are launching a ‘virtual’ tour of the North Highlands on social media this week, while also supporting ‘NHS Charities Together’.

Many of you will be spending more time at home than usual, may have had to cancel or postpone your trip to the Scottish Highlands this year or may just need a window into ‘the world outside’ which will be waiting for you when this period has passed.

So please join us on Facebook over the coming days as we take an extended virtual tour around the North Coast 500 and North Highlands, sharing photos from our extensive library with the aim of satisfying your wanderlust for the region. And do please share our posts with friends if you like what you see!

In conjunction with our tour, we have nominated a chosen charity for the period – NHS Charities Together – a membership organisation which represents, supports and champions a large number of the 250 NHS Charities across the UK. At this time of turmoil, we believe supporting all aspects of the NHS should be a priority for those living or with a vested interest in the UK. Therefore we hope you may consider joining us and supporting this cause by clicking on the donate button you will find on any one of our ‘Virtual Tour’ posts.

Thank you for your continued support and ‘Stay Safe’.

23rd March 2020


‘NHS Charities supporting NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients.’ (NHS Charities Together website)

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